Jean Simmons, our resident wildlife rehabilitator, is a Board Member of Guilderhaven, inc.

Jean is always looking for responsible volunteers to help with feeding and cleaning especially from March through October. The volunteer schedule is flexible and much needed during baby season. Please contact Jean at (518) 456-4374 or (518) 365-3673 to volunteer, or for more information.

Updates are usually posted on our Facebook page 


In addition, there are other sources in our area for wildlife:
1.  Wildlife Emergeny Hotline- at (518) 964-6740.  This phone is staffed by volunteers of the not-for-profit, North Country Wild Care.  If you get a message, please leave detailed information and repeat your phone number so that they are able to contact you quickly.  Messages are checked every one to two hours.  To learn more about North Country Wild Care, please visit their website at  or email them at
2.  NY Wildlife Rescue Center (Middleburg, NY)- at (518) 875-6503, or (518) 810-7925 (Linda Lachanski) located at 14 Courtney Drive, Delanson, NY 12053.  You can also email them at




Second Fawn of the Season (posted on Facebook June 19, 2015)

Our 2nd fawn of the year weighing in at 16 lbs. Mom was hit by a car and baby was too. Mom didn't make it but our fawn is lucky to be alive. He has a slight pneumothorax, laceration to his left hock requiring sutures and soft tissue injuries. Thank you Dr. Lexi at The Animal Hospital for treating him. He will be with us for a while until he is ready to go with others. He seems to be doing well.


First Fawn of the Season (Facebook Post from May 2015) 

First fawn of the season, weighing in at 6lbs. This poor little one collapsed on the side of a busy highway very weak and exhausted. He was picked up by a good Samaritan. With that said every baby isn't abandoned mothers will leave babies under trees or in shrubs for hours at a time and only come back a couple of times a day, Unless the baby is crying nonstop or injured please leave them be mom will be back. Please don't be a deer napper. This little one has been transferred to a fellow rehabber who has other deer.


Owls Returned Back Home to Colonie Golf Course


Loon Release

Here's our first loon.  She was found in Thatcher Park parking lot grazed by a bullet.  The finder took her to Village Animal Clinic, in Voorheesville, and Dr. Hellreich examined and treated her.  Fortunately she suffered only a slight graze on the shoulder  just an abrasion.
Following loon protocol both DEC and Nina Schoch, Director of the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation, were consulted.  She was kept in a padded carrier with a tub of water she could easily  get in.  She ate and was ready to go the next day.  The Watervliet reservoir in Guilderland is a quiet release site with miles of clear water, no boats, and full of all types of fish.
She was very happy to swim off to dive and preen & flap her wings. She thanked us with two of her enchanting loon calls as she continued on her way!  
Learn more about loons by visiting

Red-Tailed Hawk

Hawk was brought in by Paul Martel, animal control officer.  The hawk had suffered a broken wing and wounds. He has been on antibiotics and pain management.  After being  kept inside for 3 weeks he was finally able to go in to a small outside enclosure.   The red-tailed hawk will see the vet one more time and hopefully he will be ready to go into a large flight cage to strengthen his wings and will be released back into the wild