Jean Simmons, our resident wildlife rehabilitator, is a Board Member of Guilderhaven, inc.

Jean is always looking for responsible volunteers to help with feeding and cleaning especially from March through October. The volunteer schedule is flexible and much needed during baby season. Please contact Jean at (518) 456-4374 or (518) 365-3673 to volunteer, or for more information.

Updates are usually posted on our Facebook page 


In addition, there are other sources in our area for wildlife:
1.  Wildlife Emergeny Hotline- at (518) 964-6740.  This phone is staffed by volunteers of the not-for-profit, North Country Wild Care.  If you get a message, please leave detailed information and repeat your phone number so that they are able to contact you quickly.  Messages are checked every one to two hours.  To learn more about North Country Wild Care, please visit their website at  or email them at
2.  NY Wildlife Rescue Center (Middleburg, NY)- at (518) 875-6503, or (518) 810-7925 (Linda Lachanski) located at 14 Courtney Drive, Delanson, NY 12053.  You can also email them at




Some Very Busy Days!

We have been busy the last few days are fawns graduated from the pack and plays to a bigger pen cleaned cages moved some raccoons to another rehaber with outside pens and rescued a baby opossum that was hit by a car.. Today was independence day for 16 squirrels. Managed to take in a bunny with a head injury a turkey that got it's leg stuck in a fence and two baby raccoons that lost their mom.



Guilderhaven, inc. creates new Fawn Fund

Meet our newest additions this little guy came in at 6 lbs. We have had 8 fawns come through our doors this season. Along with a mallard a wood duck and a gosling.

Guilderhaven is creating a Fawn Fund to assist with the cost of rehabilitating fawns to be released back to the wild.  Don’t be a Fawn Napper. Fawn season is upon us please follow DEC recommendations, but when in doubt call your local wildlife rehabilitator to help determine if the fawn is truly in need of rescue. 
Due to our mild winter we have seen an earlier start to all our wild baby seasons especially deer. We have seen an increase in Orphaned, injured and debilitated fawns. They are one of the costlier and lengthiest to rehabilitate. Rescue, rehabilitation to release takes months which means lots of specialized care. Vet visits, medications and specialized food. We have a network of wildlife rehabilitators but only a handful equipped to handle deer. Guilderhaven has a resident wildlife rehabilitator on its Board, she is happy to answer any wildlife questions you may have or assist with wildlife emergencies. You can contact Jean Simmons at (518) 456-4374. 
Guilderhaven’s Fawn Fund will assist Wildlife Rehabilitators with the cost of rehabilitating these fawns to be returned to the wild. For more information contact Sue Green at (518) 861-6861 if you would like to help you can mail your Tax deductible donation to: Guilderhaven Inc. At 6655 Route 158, Altamont, NY 12009. Please include Fawn Fund in the Memo



For the Birds!

We've been a little busy with nestling and fledgling birds, ringbill gull, white dove, 2 mourning doves and 2 rock doves all came into care the past month.


Mallard Duck Release (Posted to YouTube July 21, 2015)


Squirrel Release (posted to Facebook June 22, 2015)

Opened the doors of 4 release cages today. Time to say goodbye to 25 squirrels that came in as babies and are now old enough to go back into the wild. They typically will come back for a few days until they feel comfortable being on their own. We close the cages at night to keep them safe.